Delta 360 Inc. is a Canadian-based software and technology provider, focused on delivering superior mortgage and lending solutions to the Canadian financial industry. The company’s LMS360 software solution is a complete end-to-end mortgage origination and servicing platform comprised of various modules that can be used independently, or as an entire product suite.

Leading financial institutions trust LMS360 to provide them with customized solutions including origination (underwriting/advancing), condition management and disbursement of funds, servicing including payment collection and changes, municipal tax administration, securitization including MBS/CMB pools, portfolio management, renewals, payouts, discharges, ports, assumptions, arrears management, documentation management and reporting.

Acting as an independent subsidiary of CMLS Financial LTD., Delta360’s suite of products has helped CMLS Financial efficiently and effectively deliver single family mortgage lending solutions for many years.

CMLS Financial is one of Canada’s largest independently owned mortgage services companies, with offices across the country. Founded in 1974, the company provides a wide range of commercial lending services, residential mortgages, and institutional services. For more information about Canada’s Mortgage CompanyTM, visit www.cmls.ca.





Derek Cook is one of the founders of Delta 360 Inc. with over 30 years experience developing financial system technology solutions, and over 20 years experience specifically focused on developing mortgage administration solutions. In his role as President of Delta 360, Derek fills a variety of roles ranging from, sales and marketing of the Delta 360 solution set, to oversight of the technology and direction of the various products.

Prior to Delta 360, Derek joined Filogix Inc. (now Davis + Henderson) in September 2001 as part of the acquisition of Kelon Computer Corp., a 20 person software development and consulting firm. While at Filogix, Derek held various Director level positions in the Business Development, and Professional Services areas of the company.

Prior to Filogix, Derek founded Kelon Computer Corp. where he spent twenty-one years in the development and support of software products, and consulting services, specifically for the financial services sector. Through Kelon Computer Corp., Derek successfully implemented one of the first completely PC-based retail banking systems in 1988.

Derek also utilized his expertise in the financial systems field to develop proprietary mortgage administration software for CIBC. This award winning pc-based software solution provided the bank with the ability to enter and underwrite a mortgage deal on-line in 1990. This software continued to evolve to facilitate end-to-end processing of mortgages including funding, servicing and securitization of mortgages without the need for most paper-based documents. This solution continues to provide support for the FirstLine, President’s Choice Financial and Sutton brands within the CIBC mortgage portfolio.




Bill Rudzitis is one of the founders of Delta 360 Inc. with over 25 years experience in the mortgage technology space. Bill is the VP, Product Management at Delta 360, where he oversees the product direction for the company’s solutions.

Prior to Delta 360, Bill joined Filogix (now D+H) in September 2001 as part of the acquisition of Kelon Computer Corp, where he was one of the partners of the company. While at Filogix, Bill held various positions from Manager of Professional Services, Director of Product and Architecture, Director of Corporate Development and finally as the Product Director for Connectivity where he was instrumental in developing the integration strategy for Filogix.




We have made Jade Software Corporation our premier technology partner. They have more than 20 years of experience in software research, development and product support, and a 15 year track record in building and running end-user computer applications.

In 1987 Jade launched an outsourcing and services venture, which built and managed LINC systems for hundreds of corporate clients.

Jade Software Corporation combined its research and development capability with its real-world IT experience to create a new enterprise application development environment called JADE that was launched in 1996.