LMS360 – Business Intelligence

LMS Business Intelligence
Many lenders use various systems to underwrite, fund and to service their loans which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to enable enterprise wide reporting across all functional areas. Our reporting solution solves this problem without costly data warehousing solutions. BusinessIntelligence.LMS360™ is an enterprise wide reporting and analytics solution which pulls data from your various mortgage systems and consolidates them into a single reporting platform. Underwriting, Funding, Servicing and related data is all linked together to form a true end-to-end view of your accounts and customer data. We have developed integration with leading underwriting, funding and servicing providers. We also leverage powerful integration tools which allow us to easily import data from any other applications that you use.

Key Features

Integration with Leading Mortgage Solutions

Our solution is already integrated with the leading underwriting, funding and servicing solutions providers. If you need to integrate to additional systems, our powerful integration tools allow us to easily import data from any other applications that you use.

Single Enterprise Reporting Platform
Our enterprise data model takes information from origination through to servicing and links and stores it in a single database. Also available are links and predefined views which makes accessing your data quick and easy.

Open Reporting Tools

Our solution is built on open reporting components which provide you with the flexibility to enhance the solution. Technologies include: ODBC, MS SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise Server and Designer.

Report Scheduler

Schedule your reports to run daily, weekly or monthly so that they are available for you in the morning.

Pre-Defined Reports

We provide a set of pre-defined views and reports which will meet most of a lender’s requirements. Of course, a lender can modify any of the existing reports, or add new ones, through standard reporting tools.  Our predefined reports include:

  • Arrears Reporting
  • Cash Disbursements Report
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Funding Report
  • GL Activity Reports
  • Insurance Expiry Reports
  • Maturity Reports
  • Payout Reports
  • Portfolio Summary
  • Renewal Reporting
  • Trial Balance

Real-Time Dashboards

The system also has an integrated management dashboard that can measure various metrics including:  # of deals assigned by underwriter, # of deals not started, average turnaround time, # of decisions / day, current pipeline, activity tracking, ratios such as application to commitment ratios, application to funding ratio, average GDS, average TDS,  and average beacon score.  The dashboard has integrated graphs which can be configured by various parameters.

Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard