LMS360 – Retention

LMS Retention Retention.LMS360™ is a workflow-enabled retention system, which allows you to proactively manage your portfolio to minimize attrition.  In addition to managing loans at maturity, Retention.LMS360’s scoring model allows you to create sales campaigns which target those customers who represent the greatest risk of liquidating during the term of the loan.You will be able to track all contact you have with your customer and prioritize which customers within your portfolio should be targeted first by using the unique Customer Retention Score (CRS).  In addition, the system’s built in load balancing, reminders and reporting capabilities, allow your organization to minimize your portfolio run-off and maximize your return on investment.

Key Features

Configurable workflow technology, allows your proven operations processes to be mapped; prompting your staff to carry out specific tasks on key dates to maximize their outputs.   The individual work list allows your staff to see all of the loans assigned to them at a glance, and to sort them by priority.

Support for Multi-Component Mortgages
Out of the box, the LMS360 platform supports multi-component loans. Delta 360’s dynamic scenario builder allows one mortgage loan to turn into a mortgage with multiple lending components together with various payment types and maturity dates.

Increased Portfolio Retention Ratios
Our unique Customer Retention Score (CRS), enables you to identify those mortgages within your portfolio who pose the greatest chance of liquidating either during the term of the loan or at the maturity date.  The Delta 360 solution to retention management allows you to realize immediate gains in portfolio retention.

WorkLoad Balancing
Your portfolio, regardless of size can be allocated to a specific group of people based on your organizational structure.  Loans and tasks can be assigned by region, mortgage amount, maturity date, customer retention score, or client’s language preference.

Online Decision Tools
The system provides the tools that allow your staff to make quick, informed decisions while a client is on the phone.  All customer account details are at their fingertips through the system’s multi-panel user interface.

Our retention module can be easily be integrated with any mortgage and loan servicing platform. Our software leverages Microsoft BizTalk’s robust messaging infrastructure which provides two-way interoperability to mortgage systems using any file format (XML, Flat Files, CSV, etc) or adapter / transport mechanism including:

  • Web Service (XML, SOAP, WSDL)
  • FTP / Secure FTP (SFTP)
  • Java Class Libraries
  • .NET Assembly Integration
  • Message Queues (Websphere MQ, MSMQ)
  • ODBC, APIs.
  • Any other Microsoft Biztalk connector