LMS360 – Securitization

Securitization.LMS360™ is a complete solution for the assembly, issuance, administration and reporting of MBS / CMB, and non-NHA pools, as well as, portfolio management for non-securitized assets.  With our online pooling capability, you can dynamically assemble a pool of mortgages that meet your specific criteria within minutes, while maximizing profitability through our online pricing tools.Our software can also be used as a master servicing system by agencies such as MBS issuers, aggregators and other financial institutions for cash management, auditing, and accounting of information from mortgage servicers.

Securitization.LMS360 enables your  investor services and treasury team to reduce costs and improve profitability and time to market.

Key Features

Support for Various Securitization Models
The software comes pre-configured for CMHC NHA MBS / CMB pool types including fixed Homeowner Pools (964, 967, 970, 975),  Mixed Pools (965)  Multi-Family (966) and Social Housing (990) mortgage pools.  The solution also handles Floating / Adjustable Rate Pools (980, 985, & 987) for ARM mortgages.  The system supports CMHC’s 800 Series Collateral Mortgage pools including the fixed Rate (867), Adjustable Rate (880), and Variable Rate (885) pools. The software also supports non-NHA investor types including Term Deals, ABCP, Syndication and Whole Loan Sales for institutional investor or covered bond issues, which can be based on actual or scheduled loan payments.  The system provides online calculation and validation of both loan penalty and indemnity amounts to be retained or passed through to the investor. The system is highly configurable and customizable allowing for new securitization programs to be introduced and changes needed for regulatory reporting to be easily supported.

Real Time Pooling
Delta 360’s securitization system allows for pools to be assembled using predefined CMHC NHA MBS / CMB templates, or by user defined criteria which can be based on any loan attribute within the system.  The system provides real-time statistics and pricing for the assets selected, allowing you to maximize your profitability, while enforcing eligibility requirements.  The software system also provides you with the ability to extend issue dates and automatically re-calculate mortgage and pool values in real-time.  The system also automatically identifies loans that no longer fit pool criteria during the sale process ensuring compliance. The highly scalable software platform allows for multiple users to pool simultaneously, eliminating the bottlenecks experienced with other solutions in the marketplace.

Flexible Loan Allocation and Tracking
The system’s flexibility allows a mortgage or loan to be sold to multiple pools, each of which can be owned by multiple investors.  The system also has the ability to track and report on a company owned portfolio through our portfolio management capabilities.  Loans can be automatically allocated to various portfolios at the time of funding, or renewal, if required.  The system also allows for the tracking of warehouse financing details and repayment dates for lenders requiring this capability.

Automated Investor Administration and Reporting
Our solution generates the standard CMHC NHA reporting including the CMHC 2834 (NHS MBS Information Circular), CMHC 2824 (Summary and Schedule of Pooled Mortgages), all CMHC 2824 Edit reports for electronic pool submission to Computershare (CPTA), CMHC 2830 (Schedule of Subscribers and Contractual Agreement) and the CMHC 2840 (Issuer’s Monthly Accounting Report). Our securitization solution leverages our Business Intelligence (BI) software module for reporting, which allows for the automated scheduling, and distribution of reports. It also provides for web access to reporting for internal, and external, users. The system allows for the configuration of the various fee calculations including CMHC guarantee fees, application and insurance fees, compensatory and Canada Housing Trust (CHT) issuance fees.

Portfolio Insurance Program Management
The system allows for the management of Portfolio Insurance Programs. The system can identify loans to be considered for bulk insurance and track the policy details including expiry dates. The software facilitates the electronic submission and receipt of insurance applications / approvals through both CMHC and Genworth.

The integrated treasure functionality allows you to track CHT positions and the tracking of replacement assets including MBS, T-Bills, and CMB (Seller Swaps).  The system facilitates the sharing of information with CHT including the Transfer Advice.  You can also track and report on mortgage warehouse.

Our securitization software module can easily be integrated to any servicer’s mortgage and loan servicing platform. Our software leverages Microsoft BizTalk’s robust messaging infrastructure which provides two-way interoperability to servicers using any file format (XML, Flat Files, CSV, etc) or adapter / transport mechanism including:

  • Web Services (XML, SOAP, WSDL)
  • FTP / Secure FTP (SFTP)
  • Java Class Libraries
  • .NET Assembly Integration
  • Message Queues (Websphere MQ, MSMQ)
  • ODBC, APIs.
  • Any other Microsoft Biztalk connector