LMS360 – Servicing

LMS Servicing Servicing.LMS360TM is a proven loan servicing software solution which is the cornerstone of Delta 360’s lending suite.  Our advanced software technology platform provides you with the flexibility to launch innovative new lending products quickly and cost effectively.  LMS360 is the only mortgage and loan servicing platform with configurable workflow and scoring capabilities, as well as, integrated document management allowing you better utilize your resources and reduce costs.

Our loan Servicing platform can be used by lenders who service their own books or by Servicers who provide business process outsourcing (BPO) within the lending sector of financial services.  Our software is also ideal for backup / standby Servicers or organizations doing special servicing.

Key Features

Sub-Servicing / Private Labels
The Delta 360 solution also allows you to manage multiple brands / private labels on a single platform. The sub-servicing feature enables you to service for other lenders on a private-label basis.

Flexible Products
Out of the box, the system supports various residential mortgage products including fixed rate, variable rate (with or without introductory rates). Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), Bridge Financing, Reverse Mortgages, Multiple Advance and Multi-component mortgages. Servicing.LMS360 can also process additional types of secured and unsecured lending products including line of credits, car loans, personal loans and the unique requirements of commercial lending.  Creditor Insurance products including Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance can be added to any loan.

Integrated Document Management
Delta 360′s integrated document management solution allows you to index, store, and retrieve all of the loan documentation for an account.  The document designer allows lenders to manage the layout and content of all servicing documents generated by the system including welcome letters, renewal notices, payment changes, discharge statements, port statements and assumption statements.  All system generated documents are automatically generated, indexed and stored within the account record for future access and reference.

Table Driven Configuration
The software is highly configurable allowing the system to be configured to the way you do business.  Manage business rules, workflow, products, and rates through online administration tools. Over 100 lending product features / attributes can be configured online allowing new products or changes to existing products, to be made “on-the-fly” if your business demands it.

Quick Implementation
With a user-friendly solution that is hosted by Delta 360, and through a highly configurable system, lenders can implement a new system in months rather than or years as was required in the past.  Our system professionals support you through the entire process to ensure a smooth transition.

Real-Time Transaction Processing
The real-time processing of all transactions provides users with up to date access to all financial information.  The software technology provides a complete audit trail of all financial and non-financial activity

Access to Information
Detailed reporting with user defined automated actions such as letter production. Integrated notes may be linked to an account, either as a note or a diary entry for a user.