Delta 360’s origination software provides lenders with a centralized solution for the underwriting and fulfillment of mortgages and loans. The module provides a multi-channel lending solution that enables the viewing and control of all loans, channels, products, services, personnel, customers and fulfillment partners. It provides lenders with the ability to implement a single system for the production of all loans across the enterprise including underwriting, conditions management, closing and funding / advancing of mortgages and loans. The software supports both residential and commercial mortgages allowing for single or multiple (progress draw) advances for construction mortgages.

The system also supports the origination of bridge loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), multi-component mortgages, unsecured lines of credits (LOC), personal loans, and car loans. The platform supports fixed and variable rate loans with any periodic payment including blended P&I, interest only, etc.




The system utilizes directed workflow and user configured tasks and business rules to guide the loan application through the decision and post decision processes. After the loan is approved, workflow ensures your pipeline of loan commitments are funded on time.

The software allows your proven business processes to be mapped visually.

Our workflow engine automatically assigns workflow tasks based on the configured rules which includes the skill set of the team members. Each individual’s work list allows staff members to see all of the accounts and tasks assigned to them at a glance, and to sort them by priority.



The software provides an ‘at a glance’ overview of all key data including qualifying ratios (GDS, TDS, LTV) , credit reports, income, assets and liabilities on a single summary screen, allowing an underwriter to decision a deal with minimal mouse clicks.


The Delta 360 solution allows you to manage a standard set of underwriting and pre / post funding conditions and to define customized conditions based on your business rules. With a click of a button, an underwriter or funder can track the receipt and verification of each condition along with the capture of associated notes ensuring that conditions are satisfied before the closing date.


The system tracks the various deductions, fees and disbursements that are part of the mortgage advance, including interest adjustments, Mortgage Insurance (MI) premiums and holdbacks. The system can automatically disburse funds via EFT, or Wire, to various 3rd party contacts, eliminating the need to issue cheques.

Advance funds to the Solicitor; pass Mortgage Insurance premiums to CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty, remit payment to other creditors to satisfy commitment conditions and manage broker commissions all from the integrated software platform.

The source of funds for a loan can be selected from a lender’s balance sheet, external investors and in the case of large commercial loans, multiple sources of funds can be specified. Ownership details are posted automatically in our Securitization module in real-time.



The solution provides real-time access through a Networked Community of major providers; these include the leading origination (Filogix Expert, Newton Velocity, MortgageBOSS and Lendesk), credit reporting (Equifax and TransUnion) and mortgage insurance providers (CMHC, Genworth and Canada Guaranty). We also have developed integration with World Check for fraud detection, Salesforce, Google Maps / Street View and Canada Post for automated address correction / scrubbing.



Delta 360’s integrated document designer allows lenders to manage the layout and content of all closing documents including the commitment, disclosure, advance statements and welcome letters. Origination and loan closing documents are automatically generated and stored within the account record for future access and reference.

The integrated document management solution allows for “drag-and-drop” document indexing which allows for conditions to be quickly satisfied and brokers and other originators to be notified upon receipt.